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Cesar Chavez 1927-1993
Worked to Improve the Lives of Farm Workers

As a boy, Cesar Chavez was a farm worker in California. He and his family moved from place to place, picking crops when they were ripe. The Chavez family worked hard but got paid very little money. Sometimes their working conditions were unsafe. They were often treated unfairly. Chavez could not go to school because he had to work.

When he grew up, Chavez became a leader of the farm workers. He spoke out about the hardships they faced. He asked consumers not to buy farm products until the workers got better pay. He asked the workers to stop working until they got safer workplaces. Consumers and farm workers listened to Cesar Chavez. His strong leadership helped to improve the lives of farm workers in the United States.

Comprehension Check

What did Cesar Chavez do as a boy?

Critical Thinking

Why do you think Cesar Chavez wanted to help farm workers?