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A Young Hero

Nine-year-old Steven Vance of Michigan is a hero. He saved his mother's life.

Steven's mother was eating a piece of chicken. She was eating while walking around the kitchen. Suddenly, she began to choke on her food.

Quick Thinking

Steven knew exactly what to do. He jumped up and rushed to his mother. Steven stood behind her and put his hands on her stomach. Then he gave a quick in-and-up squeeze. This forced air up into his mom's throat, and out popped the piece of chicken!

What Steven did is called the Heimlich (HIGHM-lik) maneuver. It is a special move that can save the life of someone who is choking.

Reading Made the Difference!

How did Steven know what to do? He had read about the lifesaving move in Weekly Reader. Steven knew that it's important to be prepared for anything. “It's amazing that he learned it from reading a diagram,” said the hero's mother. A diagram is a picture with details. “That information really helped me out.”