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A Place to Remember

Washington, D.C., is the capital of the United States. The city has many memorials. A memorial is a statue or a building made to honor important people.

Not long ago, a large, new memorial was built in Washington, D.C. It honors those people from the United States who fought in a war about 60 years ago. That war is known as World War II. The memorial is called the National World War II Memorial.

The memorial has two giant arches and a wall covered with gold stars. Each star stands for an American who died while fighting in the war.

Built by a Nation

It took a lot of money to build the memorial. Much of the money was raised by groups and individuals in the United States. School children raised money, too.

Perhaps one day you will visit Washington, D.C. If you do, you may see the National World War II Memorial, along with many others in the nation's capital.