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Digging Up the Past

Imagine finding out that your backyard is full of things made by American Indians long ago. That is what Lynn Ripley, who lives in Virginia, discovered.

Amazing Discoveries

For years, she had been finding old things in her yard. Some of those things were arrowheads and broken bits of pots, bowls, and cups. An arrowhead is pointy and sharp. It is shaped almost like a triangle. American Indians used arrowheads for digging and hunting.

One day, not long ago, scientists found out about the things Lynn had collected. They were amazed. The things she had found were almost 400 years old! The scientists call them artifacts. An artifact is an object (like a tool, clothing, or a dish) made by people a long time ago.

Perhaps Pocahontas Lived Here!

These scientists are now working with many others to find out more about the artifacts. They are working with American Indians from Virginia and with people from a nearby college. This group is sure that Lynn's backyard was part of an important American Indian village. In fact, they think it is the village where Pocahontas grew up.

Pocahontas was the daughter of a very powerful American Indian chief. She married a man from England. Their marriage helped bring a few years of peace between the American Indians and the English people who first settled in America.

Have you ever found an arrowhead or dug up something interesting? What artifacts do you think might sit below your house or apartment?