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Helping Hawaii's Reefs

The state of Hawaii is a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. There are many coral reefs in the water there. People visit Hawaii to see them.

What Is a Coral Reef?

Coral reefs are home to many colorful fish. A reef is a strip of sand or coral close to the top of the water. Butterfly fish, parrotfish, and puffer fish all live on coral reefs. Lobsters and seaweed live on reefs too.

Underwater coral reefs look like plant-covered rocks. But corals are living things! Live healthy corals can be tan, orange, yellow, purple, or green.

Coral Reefs Are in Danger

Although they do not mean to, people sometimes hurt the reefs in Hawaii. Taking fish or breaking coral harms the reefs. Big boats can pollute the water and hurt the coral.

A Promise to Protect

The United States government made a law to protect the reefs. The law says that people are not allowed to take coral from the reefs. It says that people cannot take too many fish. The law will help keep the reef healthy.