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Apache Leader Geronimo Talks About His Childhood—Quotation

A quotation is something that a person said. Reading the words real people have said helps us learn more about people or about a time in history. In the quotation below, the Apache leader Geronimo tells how he played when he was a boy.

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“With my brothers and sisters I played about my father's home. Sometimes we played at hide and seek among the rocks and pines…while our parents worked in the field. Sometimes we played that we were warriors…. Sometimes we would hide away from our mother to see if she could find us….”

Excerpt from Geronimo: His Own Story, by Stephen Melvil Barrett. ©1996 Plume Books, New York.


Geronimo was an American Indian from the Apache nation. The Apache lived in Arizona and New Mexico. Mexican soldiers attacked Geronimo's family and people. Geronimo became an Apache leader and fought back. Later, United States soldiers took Apache land. They forced Geronimo to live on a reservation. He escaped. He was captured again but escaped and led other American Indians to his homeland. He is remembered as a hero who fought to keep his freedom and his Apache way of life.