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Helen Keller 1880-1968
American Writer and Speaker

Helen Keller had to work extra hard to learn. When Keller was a baby she got very sick. After that, she could not see or hear anymore. She needed a special teacher. Anne Sullivan became her teacher. Sullivan taught Keller how to read, write, and speak. Keller learned to use Braille. Braille is a kind of writing for people who cannot see. It uses raised dots that are read by touching them.

Keller did very well in school. She went on to college. Later she wrote many books about her life. She spent her life speaking and teaching. Keller taught people about helping others who could not see or hear.

Comprehension Check

How did Helen Keller learn to read and write?

Critical Thinking

Why do you think someone might say that Helen Keller had a lot of courage?