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Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790
Early American Scientist and Inventor

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Later he moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Franklin came from a big family. He went to school until he was 10 years old. Then he left school and learned to be a printer. A printer is someone who makes books and newspapers.

Being a printer was Franklin's job. He did many other things in his spare time. He was curious about nature. He became a scientist. He discovered that lightning is made of electricity.

Franklin also liked to invent things. He invented a wood-burning stove to heat people's houses. He thought of a way to start the day earlier in the winter so people could have more daylight. Today, we have Daylight Savings Time. Maybe you will think of Benjamin Franklin the next time you get up on a sunny winter morning.

Comprehension Check

What was Franklin's job?

Critical Thinking

Why do you think Benjamin Franklin people to have more daylight in the winter?