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Leif Eriksson 975?-1025?
First European Explorer to Come to North America

Leif Eriksson was born in Iceland a long time ago. Iceland is an island in the Atlantic Ocean. When Eriksson was a boy, his father set off in a ship to explore. He discovered the island of Greenland. He took his family and settled in Greenland. That is where Leif Eriksson grew up.

Leif Eriksson also became an explorer. Around the year 1000, he sailed west to look for new lands. He found a grassy island where grape vines grew wild. He named it Vinland. Today people think that Eriksson actually landed in Canada, along the coast of Newfoundland. He was the first European explorer to come to North America.

Comprehension Check

Which land did Leif Eriksson discover?

Critical Thinking

In what way was Leif Eriksson like his father?