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Walt Disney 1901-1966
The Creator of Mickey Mouse

You have probably heard Walt Disney's name before. The Disneyland and Disney World theme parks are named after him. Disney grew up on a farm in Missouri. He loved to draw animals. When Disney was seven years old he sold some of his drawings to his neighbors. Later, Disney began to draw cartoons. He worked for the Red Cross. He covered the inside of his ambulance with cartoons that he drew. Disney became famous when he drew the Mickey Mouse cartoon character.

Did you know that Disney made the world's first theme park? He used to take his daughter to parks that were only for kids. Disney thought that there should be a place where everyone in a family could have fun. He opened Disneyland in California in 1955.

People from around the world visit Disney's theme parks. Family fun in America would not be the same without Walt Disney.

Comprehension Check

Why did Disney create the world's first theme park?

Critical Thinking

Compare a playground near your home to a Disney theme park. In what way are they the same? In what way are they different?