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Juan Ponce de Leon 1460-1521
Spanish Explorer

Juan Ponce de Leon (wahn PAHNS duh lee uhn) was a Spanish explorer who traveled to the Americas. In 1493, he lived on Hispaniola, a Caribbean island. When gold was found in nearby Puerto Rico, Ponce de Leon led an expedition there. He built the first Spanish settlement in Puerto Rico.

Later, Ponce de Leon led another expedition, probably to find more gold. On this expedition, he became the first European to set foot in the region now called Florida. He claimed the land for Spain and named it Florida. While sailing south along the Florida coast, Ponce de Leon noticed a strong ocean current. Today, we call this current the Gulf Stream. Ponce de Leon's discovery led to a new sailing route between Spain and North America. The Gulf Stream's powerful flow helps ships sailing from Florida northeast across the Atlantic Ocean.

Comprehension Check

Where in North America did Ponce de Leon become the first European to visit?

Critical Thinking

Why do you think Ponce de Leon's discovery of the Gulf Stream brought more riches to Spain?