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  1. Find It
    Which vegetation zones are found along the east coast of the United States?
  2. Find It
    Where is the Mediterranean shrub vegetation zone located?
  3. Think About It
    Which vegetation zones are found furthest north and furthest south in the United States?
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The geography of North America is very diverse. Much of the land is covered in thick forests. There are several kinds of forested vegetation zones in North America. One kind is rain forest, which is a dense evergreen forest that receives at least 100 inches of rainfall each year. Deciduous and mixed forests receive less rain and have many trees that lose their leaves in winter. Other parts of the continent have few trees or none at all. These areas include grasslands, deserts, and tundra. Tundra is found in the far north, where only small bushes and other low-growing plants survive. Each type of vegetation zone presents challenges and opportunities to the people who live there.
Check Your Answers
  1. Deciduous and mixed forest; coniferous forest; and tropical grassland.
  2. Along the Pacific coast of North America.
  3. Tundra and tropical rainforest.