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  1. Compare It
    This map shows that the population of the United States is not spread evenly across the whole nation. Which state has the lowest population density?
  2. Find It
    What city on Lake Michigan has the largest area of dense population?
  3. Research It
    Find the spot on the map that shows a high population density at the northeast tip of Lake Erie. Guess the name of the city there, then use another map to check your guess.
Learn More About It

You can see how population density works near your home. Some areas near where you live have lots of people living there. Other places have fewer. When many people live in a certain area, that area has a high population density. The map shows this on a national level. People in the United States move more freely than people in most countries. As they move and settle, and as immigrants come to this country, the population grows in some places but not others.
Check Your Answers
  1. Alaska.
  2. Chicago.
  3. The city is Buffalo, New York.