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  1. Find It
    The map shows several major battles of the Revolutionary War. Click on the Battle of Saratoga in the Legend. From which city did General Gates march his troops to Saratoga?
  2. Count It
    How many American victories are shown on the map? How many British victories are shown?
  3. Think About It
    What characteristics did many of the battle sites have in common? Why do you think this was so?
Learn More About It

The first battles of the Revolutionary War, shown on this map, took place in the Northeast. You may have read about most of these battles, but there were many others. George Washington and other officials, such as Horatio Gates and Benedict Arnold, led many battles against the British. These battles would eventually lead the Americans to gain their independence from Britain.
Check Your Answers
  1. Albany, New York.
  2. There are four American victories and five British victories.
  3. Most of the battle sites were located near water, including ocean, rivers, or lakes. British and American armies often traveled by boat, so battles occurred near the bodies of water they were traveling on.