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  1. Date It
    This map shows when states were admitted to the United States. What is the first year that any state became part of the United States?
  2. Find It
    Which states on the map were the last to be admitted to the United States?
  3. Research It
    What were the first five states to be admitted to the Union after the original thirteen colonies? When were they admitted?
Learn More About It

The original thirteen colonies became states when they declared their independence from Great Britain. From that time on, they would govern themselves. Becoming a state was also a big step for all the other states that would join the Union. They became states when their population was large enough and when they were ready to write their own laws. When states were admitted to the Union, they also began to send representatives to the national Congress. Those representatives help govern the nation as a whole.
Check Your Answers
  1. 1787. That was the first year any state ratified the Constitution.
  2. Arizona and New Mexico in 1912.
  3. Vermont 1791; Kentucky 1792; Tennessee 1796; Ohio 1803; Louisiana 1812.