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  1. Find It
    Practice the names and locations of state capitals. Find your state on the map. What is its capital city? Click on the state and state capital symbols in the Legend to check your answers.
  2. Explore It
    Which state capital is nearest the national capital?
  3. List It
    How many state capitals are named after presidents of the United States? What are they?
Learn More About It

Capital cities are important. They are the locations of governments, either for a state or for a nation. The nation's government is centered in Washington, D.C. In the same way, every state's government is centered in that state's capital city. Many state capitals have domed capitol buildings that serve as symbols for the city and state.
Check Your Answers
  1. You can check your answer on the map by clicking on the state capital symbol in the Legend.
  2. Annapolis, Maryland.
  3. Four: Jackson, Mississippi; Jefferson City, Missouri; Madison, Wisconsin; Lincoln, Nebraska.