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  1. Find It
    This map explores the geography of the Midwest. Which major Midwestern city is farthest west?
  2. Explore It
    In what state does the Mississippi River start? In which direction does it flow?
  3. Think About It
    The Midwest is the one region that has no coastline on the ocean. Judging from the map, could it have ports?
Learn More About It

If you look at the map you will notice something important about the geography of the Midwest. There are mountains just to the east of the region. There are also mountains just to the west of the region. In between, much of the land is flat or gently rolling hills. The Midwest is the least mountainous region in the nation. This makes it an ideal place for farming, which is the region's largest economic activity.
Check Your Answers
  1. Kansas City is the farthest west of the Midwest's major cities.
  2. Minnesota. It flows south.
  3. Yes. The Great Lakes have port cities, like Chicago, Cleveland, and Milwaukee. St. Louis, located near the place where the Missouri River meets the Mississippi, is also an important port.