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  1. Locate It
    This map explores the geography of the East. What river flows into the Chesapeake Bay?
  2. Find It
    Which eastern state has the most mining? Which states do not have any mining?
  3. Compare It
    Click on all the items in the Legend. Which states have the least diverse economies?
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The East has the smallest area of the four regions of the United States. It has the densest population of any region, however. Several of the nation's biggest cities are in the East, including New York City, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. It also has a long history as the nation's leading region for manufacturing. Click on the manufacturing symbol in the Legend to see where manufacturing is located in the East.
Check Your Answers
  1. The Susquehanna River flows into the Chesapeake Bay.
  2. Pennsylvania is the eastern state with the most mining. Six states, including Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Maryland, do not have much if any mining within their borders.
  3. Connecticut and Rhode Island have the least diverse economies, according to the map. Manufacturing and trade and fishing are the states' only major activities.