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  1. Think About It
    This map shows different ways to divide the United States into regions. Click on the symbols in the Legend to see some of the different ways. Which division is based on features of the land?
  2. Calculate It
    Click on the "Regional border" symbol in the Legend. Which of the four regions that make up the United States is largest? Back to the map.
  3. Find It
    Click on the "Landform Regions" symbol in the Legend. What state has the most kinds of landform regions within its borders? How many states have only one type of landform region?
Learn More About It

There are many ways to divide a nation like the United States into regions. As you see on the map, the regions can be based on landforms. Each of these regions has landforms throughout its area that make it different from other landform regions. The nation can also be divided into political regions, or regions based on the government a region has. States and nations are kinds of political regions.
Check Your Answers
  1. Landform regions
  2. The West
  3. Alaska has four landform regions. Thirteen states have only one type of landform region within their borders.