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  1. Find It
    The map shows where different fruits and vegetables were grown in California in 1920. What farm product was raised near Chico?
  2. Find It
    Were oranges grown in the northern or southern half of the state?
  3. Name It
    Which city or cities on the map are not in an irrigated area?
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Irrigation helps farmers grow the food we eat every day. Irrigation is the use of pipes or canals to bring water to dry land. In places like California’s Central Valley, the soil is very fertile, but summers are hot and dry. Without enough water, fruits and vegetables could not grow well. By 2002, nearly nine million acres of California was irrigated. Irrigation has helped make California one of the most productive agricultural states in the nation.
Check Your Answers
  1. Wheat
  2. The southern half
  3. San Francisco and Eureka