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  1. Explore It
    This map shows some of the kinds of work that take place in different parts of the country. Click on the pictures in the Key to highlight each one. What is one kind of work that takes place in Arizona?
  2. List It
    Study the Key on the map. Click on the oil picture in the Key. Create a list of three states that produce oil. Are they near or far from each other?
  3. Find It
    Click on the different symbols in the Key. According to the map, which state has the most varied kinds of work?
Learn More About It

People in the United States work hard to produce the things we want or need in our lives. Farming, mining, and manufacturing are three ways of producing goods. You know what farming is. Mining is the removing of coal and minerals from the earth. Manufacturing means making products in a factory. Oil and transportation products, such as cars and airplanes, are examples of the goods people produce.
Check Your Answers
  1. Manufacturing and mining are correct answers.
  2. Alaska, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Louisiana have oil symbols. Besides Alaska, these states are all near each other.
  3. California because it has four different kinds of economic symbols within its boundaries.