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  1. Explore It
    This map shows three types of neighborhoods. If you needed to travel from the suburban area to the urban area, what are two of the ways you could get there? Which way do you think might be fastest?
  2. Compare It
    What are three differences between the urban community and the rural community? What are three similarities?
  3. List It
    Write a list of directions that would tell someone how to get from the sports park to the suburban school. Use landmarks on the map to explain your directions.
Learn More About It

Communities can be divided into three categories: urban, suburban, and rural. Each of these communities has its own features, but they are also connected. It is important that people are able to travel between the communities because each one has places and things that the others need.
Check Your Answers
  1. You could travel to the urban area on a road by car, bus, or truck. You could also take the train. You might think that the train would be faster because it avoids traffic.
  2. Differences: The urban community has more buildings than the rural area. The urban area has a city hall instead of a town hall. The rural area has a farm while the urban area has a sports park. Similarities: They both have stores. They both have roads that lead to the suburban area. They are both places where people live and work. Your answers might vary from those listed here.
  3. Your directions might look like these: Leave the sports park and take a left past the museum. Take a left after you pass the offices and go across the river. Go straight through the rotary and the school will be on your right.