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  1. Name It
    This map shows how trade between nations works. Click on the pictures in the Map Key. What two nations are trading with each other?
  2. Find It
    What direction is Costa Rica from the United States? Use the compass rose to help you.
  3. Map It
    Read the section below. What other products are traded between Costa Rica and the United States? Create a map like the one on the computer screen showing these products. Draw a symbol for each product, and place it in the correct country. Then draw an arrow showing how each product is traded.
Learn More About It

Where do bananas come from? They are not grown in the United States. The climate here is not right for banana plants. Farmers in Costa Rica grow lots of bananas. They sell bananas to people in the United States. People in Costa Rica also sell coffee and sugar to the United States. Farmers in Costa Rica cannot grow much wheat. Costa Ricans buy wheat grown in the United States. People in Costa Rica also buy oil and cars from the United States.
Check Your Answers
  1. The United States and Costa Rica.
  2. Costa Rica is south of the United States.
  3. Your map will show coffee and sugar being traded from Costa Rica to the United States. It will also show oil and cars being traded from the United States to Costa Rica.