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  1. Find It
    The map shows places where some immigrants moved from to come to the United States. Click on the countries in the Map Key. How many countries does this map show?
  2. Follow It
    Click on the symbol for China in the Map Key. What ocean do immigrants from China cross when they come to the United States?
  3. Think About It
    Click on the "Show all" button. From what continent do immigrants from Nigeria come?
Learn More About It

The United States is a nation of immigrants. People have moved to the United States for hundreds of years. They have come from all over the world. This map shows five countries that some people left. Immigrants have also come from countries not shown on the map. People have moved to the United States from every country in the world.
Check Your Answers
  1. Five countries.
  2. The Pacific Ocean.
  3. Africa.