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  1. Map It
    The map shows the Pilgrims' trip to North America. Click on the Pilgrims' route in the Map Key. In which country did the Pilgrims' journey begin?
  2. Find It
    In what direction did the Pilgrims travel? Use the compass rose to help you.
  3. Write About It
    Study the map. Write three sentences about the Pilgrims' route. Tell what country they started in, what ocean they crossed, and where they ended their journey.
Learn More About It

The Pilgrims moved to North America in 1620. They wanted to find a home where they could freely practice their beliefs in God. The Pilgrims sailed on a ship named the Mayflower. Their trip across the Atlantic Ocean took more than two months. It was a hard journey, and they were happy to arrive in North America. They named their new town Plymouth.
Check Your Answers
  1. England.
  2. They traveled west.
  3. Your sentences may say that the Pilgrims started in England. Then they sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. The Pilgrims landed in North America.