Wheel Away!
Teacher Guide Kindergarten Activity
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Wheel Away!
by Dayle Ann Dodds

What happens when a runaway wheel bumps and bounces its way across town and country?

Boy Changing Tire The wheel gets its start when it rolls away from a boy who is changing a bicycle tire. Gaining speed, it bounces down a hill and through a mill, across a lake and by a baker with a cake, under a clothesline hung with shirts and across some dirt. Continuing on its way, the wheel moves between pig pens and flocks of hens, down a road of tar and a ladies' bazaar, over and under paint cans and a man, in front of a truck and in back of a duck. Finally, the runaway wheel reaches another hill. As it rolls up the steep path, gravity slows it down until it finally stops at the top.

Changing direction, the runaway wheel picks up speed as it rolls down the hill, past the duck and truck, by the man with the paint cans, near the bazaar and road of tar, through the pens and hens, under the shirts and across the dirt, by the lake and cake, past the mill and up the steep hill. Round and round it goes until it finally rolls back to the waiting boy who fixes his bike and rides off to town.

Try the Wheel Away Activity to explore some other things that go round and round just like the runaway wheel.


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