The Big Seed
Teacher Guide Kindergarten Activity
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The Big Seed
by Ellen Howard
Seeds, Soil, and Water


Spring means planting time! Bess, who is tired of being the smallest child in her class, chooses the biggest seed. The seed pack shows small yellow flowers, but Bess forgets to listen when her teacher says their name.

Bess plants the big seed in soil. She puts it in a sunny window. She waters it and turns it so it will grow straight. It grows and grows and grows. Sunflower and Marigold Flowers

Bess tells her family about her plant. From her description of the picture on the seed pack, Charlie, her stepfather, thinks it might be a marigold.

During the summer, Bess puts her plant in the garden. When it keeps growing, she worries that it is too big to be a marigold and asks Charlie to take a look. Charlie agrees that it is too big for a marigold, but says it is just the right size for a sunflower!

When fall comes, Bess discovers that like the sunflower, she has grown, too. While she is still shorter and thinner than some of her friends, she is just the right size for her!

Try The Big Seed Activity to learn more about seeds and the plants they become.


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