Mousekin's Lost Woodland Activity
Teacher Guide Grade 2 Summary
Story Summary
Mousekin's Lost Woodland

Mouse, woodland, and bulldozer cards The Environment Game

Follow these directions to make a storytelling game.

Then play it with several friends.

  1. You will need 12 index cards and crayons or markers.

  2. On four cards, draw and label four different animals. Make one of the animals a mouse like Mousekin.

  3. On four more cards, draw and label four different environments. Make one of these a woodland.

  4. On the rest of the cards, draw and label four different things that can change an environment. One of these should be a chain saw or a bulldozer.

  5. To play the game, sort the cards into three piles — Animal, Environment, and Change. Then pick a card from each pile. Look at the three cards you chose. Write a story to show what happened to the animal and the environment when they were changed.

  6. Share your story by telling it. Make a book in which you write and illustrate your story. You can also write a play or a puppet show. Act out your story.

Home Connection

Take family members on a “Discovery Walk” in your own neighborhood. Look for evidence of changes made by nature, and by people. You can also look through newspapers together. Search for articles that describe changes in the environment. Perhaps your family will want to have a local clean-up campaign. Remember, you can help other living things!

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