Mousekin's Lost Woodland
Teacher Guide Grade 2 Activity
Story Summary  
Mousekin's Lost Woodland
by Edna Miller

Mousekin is a young white-footed mouse who finds shelter in the hollow of an old oak tree in a woodland habitat. At a nearby pond, he watches beavers and turtles and eats grasses at the pond's edge.

One morning, he is awakened by a strange buzzing noise. He feels his oak tree shake. Suddenly it crashes to the ground. Throughout the day, the loud buzzing continues as other trees fall one by one. Squirrels, birds, and other living things flee.

Mousekin is able to find another home, but the forest is strangely still. He discovers that the beaver dam has been pushed aside, and the pond is empty. The fish, frogs, and water birds have all disappeared.

Days pass and strange honking noises and tapping sounds can be heard. Mousekin watches as a house is built in a forest clearing. Its owners destroy the environment by cutting trees, clipping the grass, and pulling up wildflowers.

Frightened by the changes in their environment, Mousekin and other living things flee deep into the woods to find a new home. They settle near a cabin whose owners believe in protecting the natural resources around them. In this new habitat, Mousekin finds all the things he needs to survive.

Mouse in woodland

Try the Mousekin's Lost Woodland Activity to find out more about animals and the environment.


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