Welcome to the Green House
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Welcome to the Green House
by Jane Yolen
animals in rain forest


In this book-length poem, words are used to paint a beautiful picture of the living things that make a tropical rain forest home. To help you understand what this habitat is like, the author describes it as a green house, but it is not like an ordinary backyard green house. Instead of glass and metal, this rain forest green house is formed by giant forest trees, vines, and a canopy of huge leaves in every shade of green.

Plants are not the only living things in the green house. There are thousands of different animals, too. Slow-moving sloths with green plants growing on their hair, monkeys, wild pigs, and prowling ocelots are some of the mammals that live there. Birds, many of whom have brightly colored feathers, such as toucans, hummingbirds, and parrots, fly through the trees. Other animals, such as insects, fish, reptiles, and amphibians also call the green house home.

The author ends by explaining that while tropical rain forests cover only a small part of the earth, they are home to about two-thirds of Earth's plant and animal life. She and many others worry because people are rapidly destroying rain forests and the millions of plants and animals that live there.

Try the Welcome to the Green House Activity to learn more about a tropical rain forest habitat and the living things found there.

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