Jonathan and His Mommy
Teacher Guide Grade 1 Activity
Story Summary  
Jonathan and His Mommy
by Irene Smalls

Who says exercise can't be fun? Each day, Jonathan and his mom walk around the city. They know that walking for exercise is a good health habit.

They begin with a warm up. They stretch their muscles with zigzag steps. Then they take big steps and little baby steps. Jonathan thinks it's fun to hop like a bunny. He likes to run as fast as the wind, too. Jonathan's heart beats faster when he runs. Sometimes he runs so fast that he leaves his mom behind. Then he does slow-motion steps until his mom catches up. This gives his muscles a rest. Jonathan and his mommy dancing

Jonathan and his mom like to spin as dancers. Then they stretch with some crisscross steps. When they pass a radio, they have fun doing reggae steps. They slip and slide and move to the beat.

Then they cool down by slowly walking home.

Jonathan and his mom use their muscles when they exercise. Try the Jonathan and His Mommy Activity to learn more about how your muscles work.


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