Lesson 18.3: Art Connection

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Comfort Quilts

People who sew quilts as a hobby are called quilters. A quilter uses colorful squares of fabric as quilt blocks. The quilter arranges the blocks to form a pattern. Then the blocks are sewn together to make a quilt.

Having a beautiful quilt to cuddle can help a sick person feel better. Recently, a group of adult quilters in Nevada made quilts for a nearby home for ill children.

School children can make quilts too. Some classes made “comfort quilts” for sick children in Spokane, Washington. Each child used fabric crayons to draw a smiling face on a white paper square. A teacher put the paper squares face down on white cloth squares and ironed them. This transferred the smiling faces onto cloth. The cloth squares were lined up and sewn together to make quilts.

Word Wise

An activity that is fun to do when you have extra time: Sam's hobby is stamp collecting.

Put in order: Mom arranged the plates on one shelf and the mugs on another.

Snuggle: We like to cuddle when Mom or Dad reads a bedtime story.

Sick: On Sunday, I was ill with a cold.

Moved from one place to another: When we left the neighborhood, I transferred from one school to another.

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See how your vocabulary words are alike.
Each one has a double letter:

hobby arrange cuddle ill transferred

How many words can you think of that have double letters in them? Make a list of double-letter words. If you can list more than 12 words, you're a real word whiz!

Data Hunt

Design a comfort quilt. Use graph paper and a pencil to draw a square with 16 blocks of equal size. Use 3 different colors to color the squares in the quilt. Write the names of the 3 colors in your design. Beside each color, write the fraction of squares in the design that are that color.