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VERB Is the Word

Every four years, the month of February is time to “leap.” An extra day is added to the calendar for leap year! The extra day can be a day of play. That means one more day for VERB.

VERB has nothing to do with grammar. It's a government program that inspires kids to get moving.

But don't wait for the next leap year to get your exercise. Stay active, have fun, spend time with friends and family. Do some activities that excite you and that you like to do best. That can mean bike riding with friends, jumping rope, volunteering with your family, or dancing to your favorite tunes. You name it!

Here are some ways to get moving whenever you get an extra day of play:

  • Gear up and celebrate if your day is during the winter season! Make snow angels, go sledding, or build a snowman with friends, if weather permits.
  • Dunk, dribble, pass, and shoot if your day is in the spring! Grab a group of friends and head to a basketball court.
  • Dive in and swim some laps if your day is in the summer! Or, learn to swim if you don't know how.
  • Hop to it! To make the most of an extra day, plan a neighborhood leapfrog race if your day falls in the fall!

Word Wise

The study of words and the ways to use them in sentences. Tim says he learns a lot of grammar by reading books.

To spur on, to make something happen: Watching baseball on TV inspires me to want to join a softball team.

To offer to help: On Friday, I volunteered to work at the library after school.

To observe an occasion or special day: Every year, Mom and Dad celebrate the day they were married.

To allow something to happen: The principal does not permit skateboarding on school grounds.

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Sometimes you read about something that is happening right now. Other times you read about something that has already happened. Look at these sentences.

  • Today, I dance for exercise.
  • Yesterday, I danced for exercise.

See how the word ending -ed can change a word to tell about what has already happened.

Each of the following words is in the article “VERB is the Word.” Use each one in a sentence so that it tells about something that has already happened. Remember, you may have to add -ed to the end of the word or, if the word ends in -e, just add -d.

  • inspire
  • volunteer
  • celebrate
  • leap
  • pass
  • play
  • move
  • excite
  • exercise
  • dribble

Data Hunt

In the year 2004, the month of February had 29 days instead of the usual 28. This is because 2004 was a leap year.

In what month is your birthday? Suppose that your birthday month could have one extra day every four years.

  1. What would be the date of the extra day of your birthday month?
  2. Imagine that your birthday was on this extra day. Think of this day as your “leap day.” How old would you be now if you were born on your leap day? (Remember, your leap day occurs only once every four years.)
  3. In what year would you celebrate your next leap-day birthday?
  4. By the time you have celebrated four of your leap-day birthdays, how many years old would you really be?