Unit 5: Science Connection

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Wandering Icebergs

Imagine the state of Connecticut floating along in the ocean. About a year ago, an iceberg that size was found floating in the South Atlantic Ocean. Scientists named the iceberg B-15. It had calved, or broken away, from the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica.

Since then, B-15 has broken into four pieces. One of those pieces swung back into the Ross Ice Shelf and set another iceberg free.

Scientists and other officials worry that the icebergs could endanger passing ships. So they are using satellites and aerial photography to keep track of them. Soon scientists will place tracking devices on the icebergs so they will know their exact locations.

Word Wise

A very large piece of ice floating in the ocean: The large ship crashed into the iceberg.

To expose to danger: Water pollution has endangered the fish in that lake.

From the air, as from an airplane: Everything looks very small from an aerial view.

tracking device:
A piece of equipment that is used to follow the movements of something: We placed a tracking device on the pigeon in order to study its habits.

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