Lesson 8.8: Social Studies Connection

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Marvelous Marble

Question: When is a marble not a marble?

Answer: When it is a statue!

The Parthenon is a building in Greece. It was built about 2,500 years ago from a kind of stone called marble. The Parthenon is an open building. It has very tall columns that hold up the roof. People can walk between the columns. But wind, rain, and fire have caused much of the Pathenon's marble to wear away.

Once, a man named Lord Elgin visited the Parthenon. Lord Elgin took some of its marble statues back to England. He wanted to keep them from wearing away. England bought the marble statues and the “Elgin Marbles” have been safe in a museum in England.

Now the Greek government wants the Marbles back. It agrees that the British own them. It would like to borrow them and bring them back to Greece.

Greece is building a museum for the Marbles. The museum is close to the Parthenon. From the museum, people would be able to look at the Marbles and see the Parthenon at the same time. This would help them understand where the Marbles once belonged.

Word Wise

The shape of a person or animal formed from clay, wood, stone, or another material. Let's meet at the zoo near the bear statue.

A kind of stone used by builders and artists: The floor in our front hall is covered with marble tiles.

A tall structure used to support part of a building: There is one white column on each side of the door to our school.

A place where works of art, science, and history are kept safe: The natural history museum is my favorite place to visit in the city.

Take something for a while, intending to return it: May I borrow your book for today?

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Sometimes, when we say a word, we do not hear every letter in it. Work with a partner. Take turns saying each of your vocabulary words aloud several times. Talk about which letters you hear when you say each word and which letters you do not hear.

Data Hunt

Imagine six Greek buildings. Each building has eight marble statues. Draw an array to show how many statues there are.

  • Get a sheet of grid paper.
  • Draw a row of eight marble statues. You can design the statues to look like yourself or someone that you admire.
  • Below these columns, draw another row of eight.
  • Do this until you have drawn six rows in all.

Eight marble statues

You should have six rows and eight columns of statues.

Without adding, how can you know how many statues you have altogether?