Lesson 13.3: Social Studies Connection

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The Never-Ending E-Mail Lesson

What if you sent 25 e-mails and got more than 100,000 e-mails back? That's what happened to John Street and his class in Newcastle, Nebraska.

The class wanted to learn about the countries of the world. They sent 25 e-mails to friends in many places. Whoever got the e-mail was asked to forward, or send it along, to others. People wrote back telling their locations. Then the class marked each location on a world map.

E-mails came from many countries. They came from every continent. Many people put stamps on letters and sent them by mail.

Mr. Street said that he and his class made one mistake: They forgot to give an end date. Nearly a year later, the e-mails showed no signs of stopping.

Word Wise

Mail that you send and get back on a computer: I sent an e-mail to my friend.

Land where people live under one government: The United States of America is our country.

A place: We live in a warm, sunny location.

One of Earth's seven main land masses: Cheetahs live on the continent of Africa.

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The words country and continent both tell about location. They explain where a person or a thing is. Copy the list of location words below. How many of the location words do you know for yourself? Work with a partner to fill in as many locations as you know.

  • Planet:                     
  • Continent:                     
  • Country:                     
  • State:                     
  • County:                     
  • City:                     
  • Street:                     

Data Hunt

The Never-Ending E-Mail Lesson Quiz
E-mail is a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family. Use the information in a table to answer the questions in this quiz.