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Late Bloomers

In 1879, Michigan scientist William Beal buried 20 glass bottles of seeds underground. Beal wanted to see how long the seeds would be able to sprout.

Beal planned to dig up one bottle every five years. Now scientists are waiting 20 years between digs, to make the experiment last longer. In 2000, the 15th bottle was dug up. The bottle had more than 1,000 seeds. The 121-year-old seedlings were planted. Twenty-five grew into mulleins (MUHL-uhnz), a kind of flower. The next bottle will be dug up in 2020.

Word Wise

To completely cover: Lena will bury the box in the garden, so that no one will find it.

To begin to grow: A week after I planted the bean seeds, they began to sprout.

A test used to learn something: The experiment showed that ants like sugar.

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Make a glossary for the "Late Bloomers" article. Choose 5 words. Write the words on a piece of paper. Find their definitions in a dictionary, and write them down. Draw a picture to go with each definition.

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