Unit 1: Science Connection

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Favorite Dinosaurs

In 2001, Weekly Reader second graders voted for their favorite dinosaurs. The graph below shows the number of votes for the top five dinosaurs.

Bar graph showing favorite dinosaurs of Weekly Reader second graders.  Allosaurus: 8 votes, Velociraptor: 17 votes, Triceratops: 22 votes, Brachiosaurus: 32 votes, Tyrannosaurus rex: 92 votes.

Word Wise

To choose your favorite: I voted for blue as the color I liked best.

Liked better than all others: Broccoli is my favorite vegetable.

A kind of reptile that lived millions of years ago: The brontosaurus is a kind of dinosaur.

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Make a glossary for the article. Write 6 words from the article on a piece of paper. Look up the meaning of each word in the dictionary, and write it down.

Draw a picture to go with each word. You may use the words listed above.

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Favorite Dinosaur Quiz
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