Family Birthdays


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9
birthday cake
birthday cake
11 12
13 14
birthday cake
15 16 17 18
birthday cake
20 21 22
birthday cake
23 24
birthday cake
25 26
27 28
birthday cake
29 30 31

Everybody in Jon's family has a birthday in March. So they will have a cake for Mom, Dad, Bill, Hada, Jon, Kate, and Wes on each birthday.

The calendar shows a cake for each birthday.

  • Bill's birthday is first.
  • Jon's birthday is the day after Bill's.
  • Dad's birthday is last.
  • Mom's birthday is on the same day of the week as Dad's birthday.
  • Hada's birthday is the same week as Mom's birthday.
  • Kate's birthday is after Hada's birthday but is before Wes's birthday.

What is the date in the month of each person's birthday?

Write the number next to the person's name.

Mom blank Dad blank Bill blank Hada blank
Jon blank Kate blank Wes blank  

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