Quiz Question


Zamir: 75%
Caleb: 72%
Rosa: 76%
Avi: 74%
Sonya: 72%


Make a chart to show the students' names, number of questions, number correct, fraction correct, and percentage.

Remember, % means a number divided by 100.

To find the percentage correct, make a fraction:

Number answered correctly
Number of questions in all

Make the fraction equivalent to a fraction with 100 in the denominator. The numerator will be equal to the percent correct.

Another way to find the percent is to divide the numerator by the denominator for a decimal. Multiply the decimal by 100 to find the percent.

Name Number of questions in all Number answered correctly Fraction Percentage
Zamir 40 30 Think:
thirty over forty = three-fourths = seventy-five over one-hundred
Caleb 25 18 eighteen over twenty-five = seventy-two over one-hundred 72%
Rosa 25 19 nineteen over twenty-five = seventy-six over one-hundred 76%
Avi 50 37 thirty-seven over fifty = seventy-four over one-hundred 74%
Sonya 75 54 fifty-four over seventy-five = seventy-two over one-hundred 72%

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 6