Can Collectors


Caryn, Dexter, Susie, and Vinny filled 24 grocery bags with a total of 177 cans to bring to the recycling center. Each person had the same number of cans in every one of his or her bags, but that number differed from person to person.

  • Caryn and Vinny filled the same number of bags.
  • Together, Dexter and Susie filled a dozen bags, but Dexter filled 2 more bags than Susie.
  • Dexter and Vinny brought in the same number of cans.
  • Caryn and Susie added their cans together and discovered they had collected 9 more cans than Dexter and Vinny combined.
  • Each person collected between 40 and 50 cans.

How many bags did each person fill?
How many cans were in each of their bags?

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 6