Pie Pieces


Alyssa bought a slice of peach pie and ate one-twelfth of the pie.
Dalton bought a slice of blueberry pie and ate one-eighth of the pie.
Rowan bought a slice of chocolate pie and ate one-eighth of the pie.
Shane bought a slice of apple pie and ate two-fifteenths of the pie.



Step 1

Use the clues to find the kind of pie that each person chose. Make a chart to keep track of the information.

Step 2

Use the clues to write a number sentence showing the fraction of the pie that each person ate.

Step 3


Student Size of Slice Kind of Pie Fraction of Slice Eaten Number sentence showing fraction of pie eaten Fraction of Pie Eaten
Alyssa one-third Peach one-fourth one-third x one-fourth = one-twelfth one-twelfth
Dalton one-sixth Blueberry three-fourths one-sixth x three-fourths = 3/24 = one-eighth one-eighth
Rowan one-fourth Chocolate one-half one-fourth x one-half = one-eighth one-eighth
Shane one-fifth Apple two-thirds two-thirds x one-fifth = two-fifteenths two-fifteenths

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 5