Party Pitchers


6 pitchers. A pitcher one-half full, A pitcher one-third full, A pitcher one-sixth full, A pitcher one-half full, A pitcher one-eigth full, A pitcher one-fourth full.

At his birthday party, Derrick served lemonade and punch. The pitchers show how much lemonade and punch was left over after the party. As he cleaned up, Derrick poured all the leftover lemonade into a polka-dot pitcher. He poured all the leftover punch into a striped pitcher. Before the cleanup, this is what Derrick saw.

  • Three pitchers had lemonade and three pitchers had punch.
  • Two pitchers had the same amount of liquid. One pitcher contained lemonade; the other contained punch.
  • The pitcher that had the least amount of liquid contained lemonade.
  • One pitcher of punch was one-third full. That pitcher was twice as full as another pitcher of punch.

After the cleanup, how full was the polka-dot pitcher?
How full was the striped pitcher?

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 5