Rainfall Records


Anna lives in Seattle, Washington.
Marty lives in Portland, Maine.
Gina lives in San Francisco, California.
Dwayne lives in Dallas, Texas.
Emily lives in Chicago, Illinois.
Randy lives in Miami, Florida.


A chart depicting where each child lives.

Anna: She could live in Portland, Seattle, or San Francisco. Later information will narrow the choice to one of these three cities.
Dwayne: His city receives 0.3 in. more rain in January than Emily's does. So Emily must live in Chicago, which receives 0.3 in. less rainfall in January than Dallas, at 1.83 in., does (1.83 − 0.3 = 1.53). Dwayne, therefore, must live in Dallas.
Randy: Compare the July and January rainfall amounts. The difference in Miami is 3.69 in. Randy must live in Miami.
Emily: She lives in Chicago. (See Dwayne.)
Gina: Only San Francisco has less than 0.03 in. of rainfall in July.
Marty: The January rainfall in Portland is 2 in. more than that in Chicago, which is 1.53 in. Marty must live in Portland. (1.53 + 2 = 3.53)
Anna: It has been found that she does not live in Portland or San Francisco. So Anna must live in Seattle.

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 5