Park and Lock


six by six grid with street on left, store on top, and restaurant on right, street entrance on bottom left.

Spaces in the parking lot are shown as ordered pairs.

  • The Abbot family parked their blue car in the first row in spot (1,1).

  • The Beekman family parked their red car in the first row, just 4 units to the right of the Abbot's car.

  • The Costa's black car is halfway between the Abbot's car and the Beekman's car but 3 units closer to the store.

  • The Dwigh's brown car is in the same row as the Costa's car, but 2 cars closer to the restaurant.

What are the coordinates for each car's parking space?
Put a dot of the correct color at each space.

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 4