Bookshelf Bedlam


A small group of 4th grade students standing around a table of books.

Noah and his classmates are sorting the books in their class library. They will put all the picture books together, all the fiction together, all the dictionaries together, and all the biographies together. They estimate that the following will fit on the shelves.

Picture books: 93 per shelf
Fiction: 63 per shelf
Dictionaries: 31 per shelf
Biographies: 27 per shelf

Here is more information about the books in the library.

  • There are 54 biographies.
  • There are 7 times as many fiction books as biographies.
  • There are 23 fewer dictionaries than biographies.
  • The number of picture books is 9 times the number of dictionaries.

How many shelves will the students need in all?

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 4