Cookies Crumble


A woman removing cookies from an oven

Mrs. Ortiz made a batch of cookies for Carlos, Maria, Tina, and Joe. The children shared the cookies equally and finished them all right away.

Then Mrs. Ortiz made another batch of cookies, twice as big as the first. When she took the cookies off the cookie sheet, 6 of them crumbled, so she didn't serve them to the children. She gave the children the rest of the cookies.

Just then, Mr. Ortiz came home and ate 2 cookies from the children's tray. Each of the children ate 3 more cookies along with a glass of milk. They were stuffed, so they decided to leave the last 4 cookies on the tray.

How many cookies were in the first batch?
How many cookies did each of the children eat?

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 4