Hooked on Books


Five pairs of books in five categories with number of pages given. Mystery: 172 pages, 114 pages. Series: 165 pages, 98 pages. Biography: 178 pages, 123 pages. Historical fiction: 155 pages, 135 pages. Classic: 218 pages, 148 pages.

For their fall book reports, Brooke, Carla, Tony, and Nadine each read 4 of the books shown above. Their teacher told them that each book had to be from a different category. Nobody read the same combination of books.

  • All four students read a mystery, but Brooke and Tony both read the longer mystery.
  • Everyone except Tony read a book from a series. Nadine was the only one to read the longer of the two choices.
  • Tony and Carla read the longest book.
  • Nadine read the biography and the classic that no one else read.
  • Carla did not read a biography.
  • Brooke read the longer historical fiction but the shorter biography.
  • Tony and Carla read the shorter historical-fiction book.

How many pages did each person read?

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 4