Bird Toys and Treats


Alex bought Landing Perch and Mirror $4.29 Dry Greens Treat +1.59 Total	$5.88

Joanne bought Ball-and-Sticks Hanging Toy	$1.99 Berry Bars +2.49 Total $4.48

Molly bought Bell-and-Bead Toy $2.59 Canary Treat Sticks	+2.29 Total	$4.88

Terrence bought Wooden Swing $3.75 Egg Biscuit	+1.99 Total	$5.74


A chart like this may be used.

A chart with names on the top and items on the side.

In thinking about the cost of Molly's toy, you may wish to write J < M; M < T.

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 4