Quilt Colors


Sasha will bring yellow and green squares. She will bring 34 squares in all.
Alexis will bring 25 squares.
Lin will bring 38 squares.
Carlos will bring 47 squares.


Number of Squares Packed For Each Color
There are 2 bags of each color.
red 1 strip and 2 more squares = 12
yellow 1 strip and 3 more squares = 13
blue 2 strips and 6 more squares = 26
green 2 strips and 1 more square = 21

First, find out what colors each person will bring. Then add to find out how many squares each person will bring in all.

  1. Alexis will bring red and yellow squares.
    There are 12 red squares and 13 yellow squares.
    Add: 12 + 13 = 25.
  2. Since each of the colors Lin will bring have an even number of squares, those must be red and blue. Lin will bring 12 red squares and 26 blue squares.
    Add: 12 + 26 = 38.
  3. Carlos will bring the color with the most squares. He also will bring green squares. That means Carlos will bring blue and green squares.
    Add: 26 + 21 = 47.
  4. Two different people will bring each color, and everyone will bring a different combination. The only combination left is yellow and green. Sasha will bring yellow and green squares.
    Add: 13 + 21 = 34.

See the colors each person will bring, and how many of each color, on this chart:

Name Alexis Lin Carlos Sasha
1st bag 12 red 12 red 26 blue 13 yellow
2nd bag 13 yellow 26 blue 21 green 21 green
How many in all 25 38 47 34

Another way to show the solution:

The first letter of each person's name is shown on the strips and squares they will bring:

Graphic of strips and squares.

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 2